Buff: as stated/ also as pillow (tie knots on both ends of merino buff)
Rainkilt: ground sheet/wind block/sitting/beak
GoLite Jam: leg insulation (inside out)
Montbell UL T: pillow stuffing
Down Sleeves: stuffing/leg warmers
Pack cover Ss: rock sack for BB
clothes cuben sS: bear bag
spare socks: gloves/mits
Pack cover: gear storage
Ridgeline: clothes line (haha)
UQ biners: used on pack for drying things in route
Dr.Bronner: as stated
zpacks multi pack: ridgeline organizer
Tent stake: cat hole trowel/ marlin spike for Bear bag
duct tape: everything
super glue: first aid/repair
trek ploes: porch mode/ F.A. Splints/ snake charmer/ fishin pole
Clothes: F.A. mangement
Dirty water bag: shower with push pull cap
Pot cozzy: signal mirror (kinda)