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    UQ and Tarp for HH backpacker

    I current have the HH asym tarp for the backpacker but I'm looking for a tarp that is more of a hex shape with velcro storm doors or what ever they are called similar to what I saw on dream-hammocks DIY.

    Additionally I'm looking for ideas and thoughts around an UQ that would be a full length.

    Any suggestions with links would be appreciated.

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    Check out jacks r better they have a lot of good underquilts. I have a HH ULB, and I have the Hudson river as my 3 season uq. As far as a tarp goes, check out the Hennessy typhoon or monsoon tarp if weight isn't a big concern, otherwise go look at the Cuban fiber tarps or the macatz ones, I hear those are supposed to be top notch and lightweight. I didn't include the links but if you want to check out j.r.b. just look on the first page of the forum and you will see all the links at the bottom.



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