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    Recommended Tarp Shopping List

    I thought I'd add an update for anyone wanting to pick up the best accessories out there for a tarp, but especially for an UGLY tarp

    1. 1 pair of Tarp Flyz ($15)

    2. 1 pair of Clip-on Tarp Pull Outs ($8.75)

    3. 75' of Zing-it line ($5.50 per 25' would be $16.50)

    4. 1 Pair of Mesh Tarp Sleeves ($25 shipped)

    5. 4 pair ($1.49 a pair) of mini line-loks.

    With shipping for the line-loks and Dutchware around $10 altogether that adds up to about $80. That may look like now your tarp is expensive, but most folks here upgrade to these materials anyway so the cost is a savings long term. Of course if you want to go inexpensive, you could use paracord and in place of COTPOs use a marble and shockcord. Not as quick to set-up, but its a matter of preference.

    My recommend for stakes is 4 aluminum tri-stakes such as the $2.50 and 4 Ti tent stakes at $2.50 each. The reason for the two types is it gives you extra versatility depending on your soil conditions. I find the Ground Hogs better for soft or sandy soil, and the Ti stakes better for hard clay or frozen ground. Recommend you always bring a couple backups.
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