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    poly tape for pull outs?

    i have a tarp i'm currently working on and have run out of the polyester tape that's sold thru the small supplyers that are seen on the camping diy forums. at this point all i need is about 2ft of 1/4-3/8th" for some of the small pull outs for doors, so i went to the local rei and they had nothing smaller than 3/4" nylon, then three fabric the end i picked up a small roll of 3/8th" wide polypropylene twill tape. my question is is polypropylene close to the polyester in uv resistance? hate to sew this on and a year later have to undertake repairs. what do most others use when small tape is required?

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    I use 3/8" grosgrain, and it's held up well, but I'm not sure what material it's made out of. Perform a yank test on your twill tape to see how strong it is. When I was making kites and needed small loops, I bought flat-braided shoelaces and cut them up, but they were all nylon, and stretched a lot - possibly not a problem. For door pull-outs you could "roll your own" out of scrap fabric.


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