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    My Super Heavy Duty Hammock stand

    I am a big guy, I mean very big, so my hammock stand had to be heavy duty and the cost was a bit higher than any other I have seen here so far.

    The tripods are made of rounded landscape timbers, basically 4x4's, the pipe is a steel water pipe, the original pipe, a top rail for a chain link fence, didn't cut it. If anyone is in the market for a u shaped top rail, let me know! Here are the pics, they should speak for themselves...

    I used cable for a connector under the bar and then slaved the cable to the bar with u joint connectors to help keep the bar from bending. It seems to be working great and I would give this setup a weight retention of over 500 pounds.

    I plan on putting a porch swing under it for normal use and a kiddie swing under one tripod for a toddler to hang and enjoy.

    Total cost, right around $150.
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