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Thread: First Hang

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    First Hang

    So I got back from my first hanging trip to Eagle Rock Loop, and it was pretty good. I used the Byer Moskito hammock, and for any newbies who come on here searching for a good beginner hammock I do recommend it. I did experience the sagging problem, but I did not wake up with my butt on the ground like some other members have reported(I'm 160 pounds). I would like to point out that the hammock does not come with it's own suspension, so it's not as cheap as it appears to be.
    I had no problems with being cold, and it was the best night's sleep I've ever had camping.
    Here's some photo's of my campsite, and Eagle Rock Loop

    This was my 1st campsite

    My 2nd campsite, but I ended up moving to another campsite that had less thorns. It was handy to not have to worry about picking a campsite based on the ground.

    Closer picture of my 2nd campsite

    Just some random photo's of the hike

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    Nice! looks like you had a great time, like the pic of campsite
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