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    DIY UQ from old sleeping bag

    Ive been going through some camping equipment, and concluded I needed to throw away this old Ajungilak Igloo sleeping bag. It was fairly good (mis)used, and had probably lost alot of insulation "value".
    So i figured Id give it a try to convert this old thing into a underquilt...
    Followed some basic DIY underquilt posts here on the forum, and fired up the old sewing machine.

    I must say, Im very new to this hammocking, and nobody I know camps this way- its going to be som trials and failures!
    In this project i miscalculated the width of the UQ by a MILE... Turns out Im not good at converting inches to centimeters But it turned out to be nearly perfect for the DD scout hammock meant for the kids!

    This wont be good for wintercamping, but perfect for some summer camp-outs, I recon.

    And, of course, I had to try out this setup me too
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