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    BIAS Weight Weenie ? for those weighting 210-220

    Hi yall,

    So I recently purchased a Weight Weenie BIAS Hammock and am so excited and cant wait to get my BIAS . BTW their communication and customer service is absolutely excellent. At 7.52 ounces (and mine will be a bit lighter cause I got a dynaglide RL and dynaglide continuous loops) I am just jumping for joy.

    The weight capacity is listed at 250 and I weigh between 210-220. So by all technicalities this hammock should hold me. I really wanted to test it out regardless and do NOT regret the purchase but I am curious to other peoples experiences none the less.

    My number one concern is the stretch and not being able to get a flat lay. My second concern is always that of failure . Now please don't get me wrong I trust our vendors and BIAS however still a bit concerned about the failure part but more the comfort part. The 1.1 single Warbonnet Traveler weight capacity is listed at 200 lbs so I am curious as to why the difference in weight capacity BIAS Weight Weenie listed at 250. (PLEASE don't allow that question to turn this thread into a heated discussion I own several Warbonnet Hammocks and love them and am very excited about my BIAS hammock) I know on the BIAS website they talk about a triple stitching method they use as to why the higher weight capacity but I guess I am searching for some more peace of mind and maby some technical answers. I am just curious to hear other peoples opinions and how they found the comfort to be Inc a weight weenie who weight apx. the same as me. Or any ones opinion for that matter.

    Thankeee for all those that chime in,

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