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    Quote Originally Posted by Catavarie View Post
    I can't speak to the first question, but I can guess that the answer to the second question is cost. The material is $60 per yard. While, I'm sure it is doable you'd be looking at around $500 (guessing based off rough eyeball estimates) just for material (before shipping) to build it entirely out of the WP/B Cuben.
    I'm sorry, i should have clarified that I was asking about the later design highlighted in post #146. In the video, hangnout shows a silnylon/DriDucks version.

    Non-cuben WP/B fabric is significantly cheaper, though still more expensive than Sil. GORE-TEX brand 3-layer WP/B fabric can be had for about $25/yd from Rockywoods. Other brands and generics can be had for as low as $8.50/yd on sale but an average of about $16. While still expensive, it's certainly within reason for someone to spend ~$150 on a 4-season WP/B shelter (that was the original intent right? I can't find the original thread).

    I guess the biggest balancing act would be weight. WP/B fabric is generally 4-5oz per square yard, where 1.1 silnylon is about 1.4oz. A fully WP/B shelter could easily be 4lbs making it too much gear for some (most?) people.

    So, I'll modify my second question, since I think this is what I really wanted to ask anyway:

    Assuming that weight and cost weren't factors, are there technical reasons why a fully WP/B Dirigible wouldn't work?

    ETA: Forgot to say, Thanks for the response Catavarie!
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