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    A disappointing discovery

    Ever since i bought my ENO DN I have been having trouble getting a flat lay. I have tried all sorts of tweaks to my suspension, tension, sag, and everything else I could think of to adjust. finally I decided I just needed a longer hammock than what ENO makes so I decided to make my own 11 ft hammock. I decided to use the whoopie slings I had put on my eno. When I pulled them out of the channel though I noticed the DN looked drastically shorter than my new hammock, so I decided to pull out my tape measure. When I bought my DN the ENO website stated that the DN was 118 inches (or 9 ft 10 inches). They have since changed the website to say that it measures 9 ft 4 in. Mine measures s whopping 8 ft 10 inches. In other words 6 inches shorter than current specs and a foot shorter than the listed specs at the time I bought it. At least now I know I'm not totally crazy for thinking it was too short. I thought about contacting eno (i have always heard that their customer service was top notch) but I'm past the 2 year warranty. Even at the short length my wife has always loved my DN so I think it will just become her hammock now. Besides, after all the memories and good times I have in that hammock (flat lay or not) I don't really want to get rid of it. (I know call me sentimental, whatever). Ultimately I'm just glad I figured out what the problem was. And hey, now I have a super long hammock that I made myself.
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    I'm sure you're relieved to know a path to solving your problem and of course the not being crazy part is just icing on the cake.


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    If you got it through REI, take it back. They have a bomb-proof warranty on stuff, even 2 years old!


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