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    Moderate temp effect of UQ??

    I am wondering if anyone may have actual experience or an opinion on the following thought.

    Is it possible to moderate the effect of an underquilt? I know that making sure it is tight against the hammock when you approach a UQ's rating, is important. With that fact, would it be logical to think that you could have the opposite affect by hanging the UQ looser (is that a word???). In other words if you have a 40* quilt but want to use it in warmer temperatures (within reason) does it make sense that you can moderate the insulating affect by not having it tight against the hammock?

    If there is anyone that has actually done this or wants to chime in with an opinion - it would be greatly appreciated.


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    That's exactly how you regulate your temperature ... you get too warm loosen the underquilt. I usually just loosen the top of my HG Crow's Nest ... venting it ... works immediately.

    One of the reasons I love an underquilt as opposed to a pad. If it gets too warm altogether you can pop it to one side completely out from under you. But generally if you get too warm loosen it enough to allow it to vent and you'll stay nice and comfortable. At least it works that way for me ...

    Oh and I might add ... you can just slide a 3/4 quilt down or up and do the same thing to vent or get it out from under you for long enough to cool down if you get hot.

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