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    Quote Originally Posted by Nails View Post
    Just a word of warning: that bureaucrat may well have the power to arrest you or evict you from the park. That'll ruin a trip a lot more than going to ground.
    Freedom is not free. He who bows to the bureaucrat who writes his own rules is not free, but merely a slave.

    That being said, I retract my recommendation. I looked up "rope." Per Merriam-Webster the definition is:

    "a large stout cord of strands of fibers...twisted or braided together; a long slender strip of material used as a rope...."

    Thus, seems to me that a strap can be legitimately regarded as a rope, even though everyone here understands the difference.

    Freedom must be constantly earned, but one needs to pick one's fights carefully. I should have looked up the definition before offering my initial opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nails View Post
    OK, one more at Indiana's expense: Do you guys have to reserve the state's two trees to avoid hanging between stalks of corn?

    Thanks. I'm here all week. Try the veal. [crickets chirping; audience member throws beer bottle]
    Naaa, we just shove two rusted pieces of scrap iron (recycled from all those empty steel mill scrap yards in PA) in the ground and hang from those.
    Now shade, that's a different issue. (corn has limited shading properties)
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    Quote Originally Posted by mad_angler View Post
    I was planning on using my hammock at an Indiana State Park (Chain of Lakes). The park map has the following statement:

    NOTICE: attaching ropes, wires, or chains to trees, by any method is prohibited.

    I assume this prohibits my hammock. I also assume that the odds are very low that they would actually confront me on the violation.

    Here's my plan: bring my hammock and plan on using it. Bring a tent in case they make an issue.

    Does that sound like a reasonable plan?
    No sir, it does not seem reasonable.

    Nobody else on here sees a problem with just going and hanging thier hammock when it is specifically prohibited i.e (attaching ropes wire and chains to trees by any means is prohibited). Sure YOU might get away with it or have a ranger that understands but if it keeps happening in prohibited areas people who hammock will be labeled as "rule breakers" and lead to more widespread regulations within parks. I would either pick another park, take a tent or ask park officals if it is OK to hang the hammock.


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