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    JRB's Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock question

    I was wondering if I could get some feed back of the JRB's Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock from bigger people. I am 6'3 240 lbs and I know the hammock isn't rated at this weight but I saw a couple of guys sold theirs shortly after buying them and one of the comments (from a big guy) was that the shoulder room was very tight when he got in it and I was wondering if this is the case and is there any way around this my using a bigger spreader bar or what. I talked to Jack about a bigger model and he said "Eventually we intend to design a larger model. However, it’s not in the cards for the immediate future." so I was wondering if it was plausible for me to make this work for my given size or am I out of luck for awhile. I would rather wait if I had to than to blow a lot of money having to Jerry Rig it and spend even more money just to get it to work so so. Any suggestions, should I wait or will it work. I definitely would like to have the shoulder room, if that's not possible I would rather wait.
    Thanks for the help
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