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    Congrats! From my understanding those MacCats are one of most bombproof tarps. Remembered that I somewhere on HF seen video of that hailstorm with big hail ant tarp survived. Funny enough I'm lucky with weather when I hanged my hammock and tarp several times had been rain in the forecast but not one raindrop in those nights but one time used tarp as windbreak in high wind.
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    My biggest issue in the communication and business aspect is paying the extra money for express service and it has already been 2 weeks. I agree that there should be some credit given to the time and care he puts into his craftmanship. However, don't offer express service for an extra $26 without letting the customer know that it will still be a few weeks. So, for now I will continue to gripe and mope about until it gets here... maybe in time for a fall hang.


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