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    Two person hammocks could possibly lead to a new market: baby hammocks.
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    Thank you for the input everyone. Already I am learning alot.

    Looks like we have some great items to look forward to improving or adding a pro series hammock for the HF crowd.

    We will make changes as money allows. Infinity Outfitter started as a personal challenge of what kind of company could I build on only $100 investment of my own money. We do reinvest all the profits back into building inventory, products, and of course advertising. I really appreciate the input and the support.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rolloff View Post
    Nylon straps will be the first thing switched out, for most. You asked for advice...Its Poly.

    Doesn't take much to sew a couple loops. Outside of possibly heat treating the ends, you shouldn't need or use heat to bond them. If the suspension hardware is "melting" them It's not right either. Nylon straps will lower the value of your product. Just look to Eno. They still sell lots of hammocks, but few run their suspensions, because you end up on the ground.

    Two people in ANY hammock will get that snuggled up feeling. This is not really an accomplishment.

    We have a couple members who pull it off, at home, but for hikers planning on sleeping in one night after night, we consider them mostly one person rigs.

    Up to 60" in width and 10' to 11' seem to be where most individuals, are finding their sweet spots. Its a little different for each person, but adjustable Ridge lines, and Whoopie sling adjustments, will allow most to find it, at those lengths and widths. I also see weight as being somewhat of a problem. Its not like it's massively overweight, at 17.6 oz, but that is where most of the cheaper imports weight in, and could through a flag up, to the well advised.

    As for pricing, proper set up, and possibly, even business model, I would encourage you to take a look at someone like Butt in a Sling (BIAS) Hammocks. There are many others, but they have been the last group to hit this forum and really take it by storm. They did much the same as you have, Introducing themselves to this forum, and asking for input.

    They gave us what we asked for, and then some, and are getting rewarded accordingly, with plenty of business.

    Maybe I'm missing the point on the contest marketing. Sure if you own an Infinity, then you will HAVE a video and a review possible for extra entry points. However those people already have your product, and you should already have all the info necessary to properly market them. Even if you have a Facebook account, already marketed individuals have the best chance to win another unit.

    How is this attractive to new customers? Why should anyone have to purchase something, for a better chance to obtain a free sample of the same?
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