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    Question So many choices!

    So I'm ready to admit I'm a hanging addict. That being said, my next purchase is going to be an underquilt. Well 2 UQ (yikes) since I have to get my partner one as well. I've read as much as my brain can digest and I'm still too indecisive to take the monetary plunge

    I know I want 3/4 as we are both short and don't plan on super cold weather camping...yet. The temp rating should be about 20*. I know everyone has their own opinions, but I'd like to hear from anyone what they like or don't like about some. Price vs quality, ease of set up, etc.

    I forgot to add, so far I think I've narrowed it down to WB Yeti, AHE Jarbridge River, and HG Phoenix.

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    The Yeti and Phoenix are down filled.
    The Jarbridge is synthetic filled.

    The difference is in packed size, with synthetic being slightly larger.

    The Jarbridge is rated to 30*. The Yeti and Phoenix come in 20* models. The rating having a lot to do with how warm/cold you sleep.

    All 3 are quality made, and set up virtually the same.

    Pay your money and make your choice... you won't be disappointed!

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    I get that synthetic doesn't pack as well as down, and not as toasty. My next question is, living in the south and also camping on coastal trips, does humidity wreck down UQs? I know first hand how much it sucked when my down sleeping bag got wet from a tent flood (yes I admit I was a ground dweller).

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    I've been going through the same thing as you trying to pick out a UQ. Look in the UQ subforum. Buffalo Skipper showed me some pics of the Jarbridge. If you get the 30* Jarbridge, it packs pretty small. I am leaning towards that one. It is also quite a bit cheaper than most of the other similiar UQs.

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    UQ choices

    I have 2 of LeighLo's UQs and can't say enough good things about their quality.

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    I have the HG Phoenix 20 and love it. I went with it because of the width and length vs the warbonnet and that's really it.

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    I'm short too. I used some 3/4 UQs and ended up preferring the full length ones. More room for user error and slippage. I have a AHE Flamethrower & I sold a Jarbridge as I prefer the down. I like the HG Incubator 0* the best of all.


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