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    WTB: JRB BMBH Jacks R Better Deluxe bear Mountain Bridge

    I'm looking to buy a Jacks R better Hammock.

    Preferably the Bear Mountain Bridge Deluxe but I'd consider the ultralight also. I'm new to hammocking (I stumbled across the idea while looking for camping solutions as I motorbike around Europe next summer). So I don't have any of my own stuff yet.

    Which means, I'm interested in hammock, suspension, canvas, underquilt and anything else I might need.

    Looking at the options, without ever trying any, it seems that the JRB or Warbonnet Blackbird are the best choice and I think the JRB would suit my sleeping style better.

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    might have one for sale

    Pmed you about one I might have for sale shortly.


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