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    SOLD: DD Frontline modded with Whoopies

    FS: DD Frontline Hammock

    $105.00 shipped via USPS, Cont. USA

    Comes with DD Hammock Sleeve [snakeskin] and DD Stuffsack [not pictured]

    Modified with extra long whoopie sling suspension

    Continous loop amsteel through gathered end channel

    Descender loops connected to whoopies

    Adjustable/removable ridgeline

    Elastic shock cords to hold net up and away from face. Just insert
    a trail stick to spread wider as desired.

    NO rips/burns/holes/smells/or bad zippers. Excellent condition.

    My digital scale is broken, but it weighs in on my
    kitchen scale at about 2-1/2 pounds with sleeve

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    NOTE: Nothing at all is wrong with this hammock, I just bought a Clark from a forum member to replace it with, so "one in and one back out" rule applies.

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    Buying this rig from DD would be in the $140.00 range...
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    New Price


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    Still for sale.

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    $100.00 shipped.

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    Hammock is spoken for pending funds.

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    For clarity, please post an "I'll take it" post here in the thread, so that folks can follow the path of the sale more easily. Thanks.

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