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    My DIY Mamajamba Tarp Skins

    This is a DIY project I never got around to doing till today - rain day. Seeing as how noseeum skins are a light weight and popular thing to sew, I used up the left over noseeum from my down UQ. The piece measured 80 inches long by 21 inches wide. I cut the pieces so they measured 6" wide on one end and 15" on the other and used the entire 80" length. I then folded the material in half and sewed it up. My Warbonnet Mamajamba measures 10' 9" long by the ridgeline.
    Sewing the noseeum was no problem at all. I set my tension sort of light and used 6 stitches per inch and sewed the tubes then pulled them inside out so the seams were inside. Took all of 30 minutes to do both.
    The skins fit a little loose and are about 3 inches too long, but that will be a quick fix later tomorrow.
    With the tarp in the skins I can place them in the original storage bag that came with the tarp with room to spare.

    If anything, this is a very simple project that is great for beginners. The thread I used is GŁtermann Tera 35 from DIY Gear Supply.
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