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Thread: weight

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    Quote Originally Posted by MAD777 View Post
    I have a 40* top quilt that weighs 10 oz. and a 25* quilt that weighs 18 oz.
    Both quilts are wearable with a neck closure and are 78"x40".
    Did you make? Can you share a link?

    I currently use the inner part of a patrol bag as our top quilts with the zippers cut out. Thinking about making official TQ myself. Good luck to you and be sure to share pictures

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    I too like to watch the weight but I'm a cold sleeper. I just got a 0 degree TQ from Hammock Gear to go along with their 0 degree underquilt. The TQ weights 27 oz but I'll be comfortable. Until then I'd been using a 30 degree marmot down bag as a TQ and it also weighed 27 Oz so I didn't add weight but added comfort. A 20 degree TQ was 21 Oz.

    I moved to a lighter weight pack and hammock to cut weight and also in my cooking set up so even with the winter TQ and UQ my base weight is still around 13 lbs which I find acceptable and, again, I plan on being toasty warm.

    My next goal is to move to a cuben fiber tarp to gain a little coverage while also loosing weight.

    I May get a 40 degree TQ to use with my Phoenix 3/4 UQ for my spring/fall set up.

    There are a lot of options but I don't want to be cold at night so I went to the "low" side

    These quilts are expensive gear but I expect them to last a very long time if taken care of!

    Good luck on your choices!


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