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    Quote Originally Posted by donstin View Post
    Made an 11'x58" gathered end out of this today. Seems really strong but really needs the knotty mod. Total weight with 6' whoopies, 10' adjustable 7/64 amsteel RL, and an oxford nylon stuff sack is 21.3 oz.

    BTW, I noticed the website has this listed as out of stock

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    Well, I'm gonna jump onboard here too . . .
    I found four bolts of this stuff at our WallyWorld yesterday, and not knowing quite what it was, Googled "taslite" on my phone. This thread was one of the responses that came up. Other responses mentioned a two-layer fabric under the GorTex name, indicating that it's waterproof. What I had in my hands sure didn't seem to be two layers, but I thought what the heck, if it won't work for a tarp, I'll use it for hammocks!

    Bought 8-yds for $1.97 /ea thinking I'd make a 12' RL tarp or two singl-layer hammocks. Can't lose. When I got home, I water tested it, and as mentioned earlier in this thread, it's water resistant but not waterproof. You can see the material get darker as it absorbs the water, and in about a minute, it starts to perk thru the backside.

    Here's what I can tell you to settle the questions: The WallyWorld Taslite is NOT two-layer, it's just the 100% Taslite layer which GorTex and others use to laminate their product on. It seems very strong and should sew well. I like it, but just can't use it for a tarp without waterproofing it. I looked up all the online waterproofing potions, and decided I'm gonna try a few cans of ScotchGuard or off-brand equivalent and see how it works. Should be able to keep my total cost under $30 for a nice camoed tarp with a 12' RL. Still kicking around styles & sizes . . .

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    I did make a 11ft double layer hammock with it and it weights in at 2lbs.
    Comfort wise it is ok. Not something I would want to use while packpacking as I also made a 11ft double layer hammock using 1.0 camo ripstop that weights in at just under a pound and is much more comfortable.

    Don't have enough fabric left to make another hammock so I trying to decide what to do with whats left.
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