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    Cheap 800 fill tq

    Well a tq was the last thing I needed to complete my setup. I was going to buy a tq from a cottage but just came across this deal.

    I had a 35 store credit which after my 45% off coupon brought my total down to 70 bucks. Anyone have any experience with this bag? I really wanted to move away from bags but I feel like this is a heck of a deal. They list in spec on website that it's made from pertex. Not familiar with that.

    For anyone that wants this bag for under 120 here is a 45% off coupon code. FED19849. You may have to start a chat a mention that code to get discount as it was automatically applied to my account.
    Or I can forward the email to you which will have links to automatically apply this discount to your cart.
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