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    Remaining items for sale

    Items for sale:

    Granite Gear Men's Meridian Vapor Backpack , L with standard belt and an XL thicker belt. Black with lid
    Brand new with tags.
    $120.00 including shipping

    Black diamond Lightsabre bivy-- Older model without the pole at the foot. VGC $60.00 including shipping

    Thank you,redick1955

    Paypal accepted
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    The Haven bugnet has been sold

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    The Sierra Zip stove has been sold.
    Thank you,Redbeard

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    I've lowered the prices on my items for sale.
    Thank you,Redbeard

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    The Granite Gear Backpack has been sold and I'll lower the price of the Black Diamond bivy to $50.00 including shipping.
    Thank you,Redbeard


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