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    Quote Originally Posted by VictoriaGuy View Post
    Stephenson' s Warmlite info on VB clothes is at

    I've never used their VB clothes but had one of their tents that I loved. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again.
    I also used their VB ideas to DIY VB clothing and a bag liner. It works.
    I love the socks and the shirt. Shirt is not exactly good looking, not for wear around town unless you want to be seen in a duct tape shirt ( some sort of vinyl actually). But with the fuzzy stuff liner, it just works great and is cheap! As are the socks and gloves, I am going to get some gloves for Christmas. I want some pants but they are a custom order.

    If you want to spend some big bucks for a big jump in quality and looks, there is this stuff that Fronkey raved about and a couple of others have used also:

    Here are some interesting testimonials to the high $ stuff, although I feel the cheaper stuff would accomplish much the same:
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    I've used a VBL in a sleeping bag at -40F in the Adirondacks on a 10d snowshoe trip whilst sleeping in a snow trench. Barely warm enough, but I hated the tangle of the VBL when I turned.

    With hammocks, might it make sense to anchor the VBL so I might spin in it? Wearing a base layer, that might be possible...

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    vapor barriers


    My thoughts have probably been addressed in this thread, but I was surfing in our 0* Winter and ran across "Vapor Barriers".

    Since I am no longer manufactruing dp gear that used VB engineering, I still stand with VB technology if you want to go as light as possible without bulk.

    My experience has been, use the VB next to your long underwear and socks (ie: not on your skin) and layer out from the VB depending on the temperature.

    Long Live Vapor Barriers for those of us who "hike lite" ...

    And really, isn't one's gear only as good as one knows how to use it? Which takes a great number of uses ...

    dp Dave

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    I use VB all the time when camping in the winter months. Just last weekend I used it again. I only put it on when I know I have concluded activities for the day. This usually means shortly before bed.

    The warmlite pants and shirt have a nice fuzzy inside which works well for me right against the skin. I put my wool layer on top of the vb. Same with my vb socks with wool socks on top.

    I sleep like a baby and my insulation layers don't get wet. I take the vb off in the morning along with my dry layers and get back into my layers that I wore during the day.
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    What is the average weight ./price for a good vapor Barrier these days?

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