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    I know its not the right material, but long story short, south Texas guy 40* quilts, needed to make it to 20* in less than a week... I made one out of heavy, water proof non breathable rain jacket material... It's not the right stuff, no argument there but it worked down to 18*... No condensation...

    I wished I had gotten a photo, but inside there is a twin sheet over my ridgeline... It blocked some of the breeze coming through from the cracks... The cracks were left on purpose because I was worried about condensation... The sheet wad cold, but not frozen in the morning... I slept on a ccf pad and a shamu underquilt... In cotton pants, wool socks and a t shirt, and under a 30* sleeping bag used top quilt fashion... And I was warm till nature called... 18* is cold enough... The sock is made TED bugnet style kind of... One side is fixed with the other being on a bungee, use my carabiner to clip them together to make sure it all stayed together...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rabid Deer View Post
    ...canvas drop cloth. I'm not sure if this is good enough canvas, though.
    It will work fine. Just a bit heavy, but if you use a pulk it won't matter as much.

    Most fabric stores have "canvas", which is 4 oz untreated cotton fabric.

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