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    I just want to start off by saying that I really enjoy this site and the way it is run. All of the members are great, as well. So with that said, I just have a one minor thing that I would like to give some feedback on. I understand that I am not a Donating Member "Yet"(im just poor right now, my kids come first before I spend anything on myself) so unfortunately becoming a donating member is on hold for awhile, but I do plan to do so as soon as I have a few extra bucks to spend.

    Ok Back to the point, this is just my opinion but, I feel that the Donating Member Icon is just a bit lacking. There is nothing wrong with it. Its ok but I was wondering if yall were ever considering changing it to something new. Or maybe have a list of various options that the Donating Member can choose from. Anyways just giving some feedback. I dont mean to ruffle any feathers or anything, just tossing this out there and see what yall think.


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