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    Single Line Tarp Ridge Line Questions

    Stu (and forum members):

    As I've learned more about suspension systems for hammocks and tarps, I thought out what I thought would be the perfect SLTRL. Lo and behold as I was browsing your products I discovered you are smarter than me because you thought of it first... the Single Line Tarp Ridge Line - Dutch Edition with Dutchware. Exactly the way I would do it.

    I have just ordered a Cloudburst tarp from Warbonnet and it is a big tarp at 12x11. Based on your description, it seems this would be so big that you recommend your standard SLTRL which uses 2.2 Dyneema instead of the 1.75 zing-it/lash-it.

    So here are my questions:

    1.) Do you think I can get away with the Dutchware version SLTRL with 1.75 Lash-It on a Cloudburst tarp?

    If not,

    2.) I really would prefer to use the Dutchware. Can you use the 2.2 line with the Dutch Hook and Tarp Flyz?

    So now two questions on the standard Single Line Tarp Ridgeline, and these are 100% curiosity because I would have done it wrong:

    1.) Why do you use a dog bone on one side instead of using a figure 9 on both ends? Is it to eliminate one Prusik loop?

    2.) Why do you need the Prusik Loop on the figure 9 instead of threading the ridgeline through its loop?

    I've used figure 9's, but never a dog bone, so I'm just curious why it's a better option.
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