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    Bridge Hammock Full Scale Pattern

    I wanted to share my patterns I made for building my hammock (round #2)

    Rather then fiddle fart around with drooping strings, tape measures and finding ways to mark on fabric. I fired up AutoCAD and drew up full scale plans that could be printed on 36"x48" Sheets (Arch E) paper. Went to a local fedex print center and for $9 a sheet they printed it out for me I cut Cut it out and its makes cutting the fabric a cake walk! I know that no every one has access to AutoCAD so I wanted to share the PDF files that you could take to fedex and they will print it for you!

    This bridge Hammock's main body cut 82" Long and 54" Wide with a 6" drop in the middle of the curve.

    I have its set for 36" inch wide poles on both side but you could go smaller like the professor talks about.

    I have 1-1/2" on all the sides for hemming and rolling in webbing.

    Main Body
    End Caps
    Bug Screen

    If you would like me to draw up patterns in full scale for your project you only need to ask and send me the dimensions of every thing and I will draw it up. ACAD also makes it super easy to draw the arch's and parabola's so you don't need to solve for everything
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