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    Whoopie Sling Suspension, did i do this right?

    so i just made my first whoopie sling suspension with 7/64 amsteel. on the hammock end i put a locked brummel. i fed the loop from the locked brummel through the channel on my eno double nest. then fed everything back through the eye. i've tried to attach a pic of it, hopefully it works. i haven't taken the rope off that came with it, i want to make sure this works ok.

    well since i started typing this i got destracted and made another one the same way. it is hanging up in my hall and seems to work. its the first time the hammock has had 2 people on it and nothing budged.

    so i'm just wondering if it was ok to string it though the hammock like i did? or is there a better way to do it?
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