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    Suspension / Ridgeline Setup Question

    I posted this elsewhere, but it makes more sense here and will probably get better coverage.

    I've built a few hammocks per HC4U's instructions and am quite pleased with them, but unhappy with the attachment to the suspension line. I know that a larkshead is really quite the common thing for hanging a DIY hammock, but I wonder what it will do to the fabric long term. Will it weaken it? Either way, it's not the prettiest.

    I've been thinking of taking HC4U's "knot thingy" for ridgeline attachment and putting the knot on the other side (or even both sides) of the whipping. I thought I saw someone try this once and the knot ripped through the fabric, but obviously stopped at the whipping. Anyone know what I'm talking about - or am I making it up?

    Here is a really crappy picture of what I'm talking about. Take a look and critique it please. It's very possibly a horrible idea, but I'll not be properly testing it out until warmer weather arrives here in central Maine.

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