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    Tutorial: How To Make an UCR

    Here's my attempt to explain how to make an Utility Constrictor Rope for hammock suspension. Not so good with a camera so bear with me.

    Here's what you'll need..

    You'll want 2 pieces of cord. One about (about 30" for 7/64" Amsteel & about 25" for 2mm cord) long or so which will be the bury (leaving room to tie the prusik). The second piece, will bury into the shorter piece.

    Don't forget to taper the ends

    With your short piece, measure your eye and bury. From the end, I'll measure 4" and 8", giving me a 2" fixed eye, and 4" to bury.

    You'll end up with the fixed eye on the short piece.

    Next, on your long piece, make a fixed eye. If your using toggles on your webbing, remember to make the eye large enough to go over the toggle.

    Now you'll want to bury the long piece into the short one, starting at the unfinished end.

    It should look like this...

    Now backsplice the end you just pulled through.

    Now you've got to wrap the loose end to keep it taunt under load. I just replicate a prusik. Take the end, and go under the long piece

    3 wraps work well

    After the third wrap, finish the prusik.

    I like to make the prusik, then backsplice the end to keep it nice and tight.

    All that's left is to attach it to your hammock

    I hope this helps some...
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