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Thread: Hello everyone!

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    Hello everyone!

    I recently got a chance to hammock camp with my brother, well i greatly enjoyed it, but was still going to get a UL tarptent Notch and go that route. Then a LEGENDARY DEAL, became available on craigslist Hennesy hammock expidition asym zip with Dutch clips, snake skins, whoopie slings, and a KAQ potomac for $200. Seawards folly moument for me.

    Well this produces a lot of questions, If i have the potomac 30 degree under quilt, and i have a Mont bell 850 fil 40 degree bag i am going to lighten up how low temp wise could i go?

    The 40 degree has 8 oz of down in it and i saw another manufacture rate a TQ with the same amount at 40 degrees for the hammock.

    I also Have a gossamer gear 1/8 pad to use also.

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    I don't know about the temp rating, but congratulations on your purchase and welcome to the forum !!

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    Welcome to the HFs. Usually if your UQ is properly rated, then to it's rating. I'd think that 30*
    would work fine.

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