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    Thermarest Ventra

    Hey Guys-

    Here is a link to a very nice gear test on the Ventra just so everyone knows what I'm talking about.

    Ventra Test

    Just wanted to drop a little love for my new blanket. While it's not as light as some top quilts I just love how big it is, I tend to sprawl and roll a lot when sleeping. I think this quilt will really help me with that.

    I needed a quilt that could go to ground over my 25" wide synmat if I camp with the wife and also work in the hammock, the Ventra seemed like a great choice.

    So in the spirit of hang your own hang I plan to use it. I hope to use it in the backyard in a few days when we are supposed to have a warm streak and test it's warmth. I will also try to get some photos up.

    Anyone else have one of these want to share experiences or advice?

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    I was using a Ventra with the sheet on a Synmat under a tarp when I slept on the ground. I still like the quilt. It is built with extra down at the feet, which I like and it is a big comfy quilt. The material on the inside of the quilt is soft and acceptable against the skin, unlike plain nylon quilts. I guess that is the trade off on the weight.
    My wife uses it around the house now. I don't think I'm getting that one back.
    I do get to buy other quilts to try to replace it with though.
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