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    DIY DG Whoopies

    DIY Tyvek Stake/Suspension/Misc Organizer

    First of all, I got the idea somewhere on here a few months ago, I think. I can't remember who it was that did this but if someone lets me know, I'll edit this to give them credit.
    EDIT: It was ExPXGUY's that I'm remembering. Thanks, ExPXGUY!

    This was ridiculously simple, (essentially) free, and hopefully functional. And it's lightweight.

    Started with a Tyvek mailing envelope, peeled off the little strip to seal it, and sealed it up:

    Folded it in half such that it would fit the biggest thing I planned on putting in there, which was a big steel stake in my case:

    Drew a line 1" from the crease on either side:

    Cut that section out:

    Drew lines where I wanted the divisions between pockets to be:

    Then sewed on the lines (doesn't look any different, I know. XD ):

    Load it up:
    Two tree huggers, two toggles, two Dynaglide whoopies, two steel stakes, 4 Ti hook stakes, 4 MSR Groundhog Minis

    Roll it up and stick a small loop of shock cord around it:

    The organizer with the loop of shock cord:

    14 grams, perfectly acceptable to me! Hopefully it works out well, I don't see why it shouldn't.
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