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    Georgia AT March 15-17

    So I've never done the AT in Georgia and wanted to give it a go this week. I am in law school full time and need a break, so works out perfectly because I am not spring break. I posted an earlier thread and had a group of 4 close friends who were going to go with me. One dropped out and because of that they all decided they didn't want to go either. I obviously still want to go.

    My original plan had me driving up from FL on Thursday morning and spending the night at Lake Winfield Scott. From there I was going to go North and do 10 miles on Fri and 10 on Sat. Sun was just going to be 6 miles so I could get out and do the drive back to FL with at least some daylight left to spare. The route was from Jarard Gap to Unicoi Gap, a total of about 26 miles.

    I still really would like to get some backpacking in so I was wondering if there is any interest in getting a group of 2-3 people together to do the hike. I am flexible as far as route, but picked this so I could see Blood Mountain. I am open to doing a dif route especially because 10 miles is a little on the outer edges of what I would have wanted to do per day.

    Lemme know if anyone is interested and if there is a couple people who want to maybe we can do a portion of the AT in GA.

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    As a note, I would even prefer to go during the week, maybe on a Tuesday or something, but I figure most people have work.

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    Go anyway, even if you're by yourself. It's faily active now on the AT, as the thru-hikers are out in force, so you should have company regardless.

    If you've ever been chilly at night (Miami), make sure you've got a warm sleep system.

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    I'm thinking about it, but I prefer to have at least another, for safetys sake (and to have a car at the other end of the trail).

    I have the HH Supershelter and a 15* down bag and I've taken it down to about 40* here in Miami and woken up sweating and been warm all night. I think I should be fine into the 30*s. We will find out I guess, if I end up going.

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    Where are you starting? The girlfriend and I will be on the Georgia section during that time.

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    Man! I wish you had replied a day earlier. I already scrubbed my trip because I didn't feel same doing it alone.


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