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    Storm Bug Net Sock

    I spent three days dog sitting my daughter's black labs last week. Just me & the two dogs. After my arm wore out throwing a tennis ball around, I went through the pile of why did I buy this?/why did I make that? and left over scraps I brought along with the thread injector.
    I had been addressing some concerns with high mountain hiking/hanging, primarily early season insects and driving rain/snow/wind. Never mind the grizzlies and mountain lions.
    The failed hammock sock was paired with a set of WMT poly mesh curtains and some shock cord ala Fronkey.

    This is what I came up with:

    The camo portion is taselite polyester fabric treated with Campmor for waterproofing. Sides are the poly mesh curtain fabric that's about 84" long & 56" wide. The intent is to ward off driving rains while pitched under the tarp.

    The ends are velcroed for easy on/off or one end can be pulled back all the way to use without the bug net.

    View from inside looking out.

    It doesn't vent as well as the noseeum net, but nights get cold very quickly up there. The brown fabric is optional, as it's available in white, light tan, black and cranberry.

    An idle thread injector is a terrible thing to waste. My sewing skills are still under construction.
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