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    Questions about the first section of the AT

    Ive been preparing for our 5 days hike on the first section of the AT on March 23. My cousin in law calls me last night and asked me if he can bring his dog with us, so I said I'll ask my fellow Hangers from HF.

    1. Can you hike with a dog on the AT? (I've watched countless videos and I see no dogs.)
    2. When hiking how often are the watering holes?

    3. Is hanging allowed in the first section or lets say first 100 miles?

    4. Do you have to hike the "approach trail" or can we park anywhere near the top of Springer Mt? (We would rather just start on top of Springer) If parking is allowed how long can we park the truck? Is it safe to leave for a few days?

    5. Will need a bug net? Temps still getting down into the upper 30's at night so I doubt there will be crawlers around but don't know for sure.

    That's about it, I really appreciate the help from this site, you guys/gals are some of the greatest people I haven't had the honor to meet yet!!!

    Pics and videos will follow and thanks again for any info y'all can give up.

    your fellow hanger,

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