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    WTT Grizz beak for Petzl AAA

    I have a Grizz beak from 2QZQ that I have had on a tarp once in my yard and once on the trail. It is grey color. I have a tarp with doors now and the Grizz Beak, sadly, the well working poor thing gets no use from me. It is in like new condition. I would trade for a AAA head lamp. I'd prefer a Petzl headlamp but let me know what else you have. If it is a lopsided trade, we can work it out somehow. I know that some head lights are up there in price. I want a AAA to have only one type battery with me on trips. Lets trade! Or I'll sell for $30 shipped if no trade offers come through.
    Peace, Two Tents and ben.
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