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    ENO SingleNest

    ENO Double Deluxe?

    I currently have an ENO SingleNest but I'm looking to get my wife a hammock here soon. I'm trying to decide between a couple things here...
    1. ENO Double Deluxe
    -My logic behind this one is that it's a big hammock and when we went backpacking together, we could split up the tarp, net, hammock, etc. so one of us isn't stuck carrying that huge thing. I also wouldn't need to buy all new tarps, nets, suspension, etc. Is it big enough to sleep 2 comfortably? Or would I just be better off in getting a...
    2. ENO Doublenest
    -I'd like to have something for both us to just chill in while still being relatively lightweight for us to take backpacking and having one of us use that one and the other use my SingleNest. The downside to this is having to buy all new suspension, net, tarp, etc. for a whole seperate hammock.
    I'm a poor college kid and just wanting the most economical yet comfortable setup!
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