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    Hoosier Hang 2013 Trip Report

    Trailer for HH 2013...

    Original video of the Crescent Valley long before the hang...

    Thanks to all those who made this a great hang. Feel free to add your own report here in this thread, and pictures and video too.
    I was quite amazed at all the neat stuff everyone brought. Zack made a sack of stuff. The raffle was really fun the way he did it with being able to steal from others twice.

    I am attaching a couple of photos and a link for about 200 more on my Flicker account.
    Enjoy, and I hope many of you come next year too.
    Now this isn't the end even for this year. The Hoosier Hang is a living document being written any time any of you want to go back. Just post it on the forum and PM a few of us and you might be amazed at how many will want to join you on a couple days on the trail.
    Thanks again to all who were able to come as well as those who wanted to come but were held up by whatever evil things there are out there to keep a person indoors.... LOL
    Heres the link

    her's Trail Medic's video brought forward to here from page two, Thanks Trail Medic
    Attached Images Attached Images
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