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    Thanks, harrellt!

    I skipped the cat-cut on the doors. I figured that if I have the doors deployed, I need all the coverage I can get. The weather here is either amazing or WINDY. In the past the wind would have rain or snow in it.

    I'm using No-Tangle for everything (ridgeline and tie-outs)

    The materials were a gift from my in-laws for my b-day. I ordered way more webbing than I needed, so I could make my own compression straps (different project). If I remember right the cost was around $70-80, which I thought was pretty good for 1.gaining the knowledge of making one; 2. a tarp with doors; 3. There's a surprise innovation coming soon. I need to get somewhere where I can spend some time making a presentation video.

    I don't have a digital scale, so I can't get a super accurate weight on it. It's made from 70D silnylon, which means it's nowhere near the weight it could be. This ain't no weight weenies tarp.

    I'll see if I can dig up my dimensions and post them once I get home.
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