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    MedicineMan's sock is excellent, saw it an action and what a neat idea. Talk with him or Hangnout...they have some really innovative concepts going on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Speedy View Post
    What about something like a hammock with a ripstop bottom, silnylon on one side coming up to the ridgeline, and then bugnet on the other side. The sil from the one side would then continue over the bugnet on the other side, giving you something like a half attached tarp. That way you could still have a small tarp to pull out like a porch, or you could throw it back over the sil side for calm weather. Not sure if that makes sense.
    That's kind of what I"m thinking of... like a half tarp integrated into the tent...

    Also, some of the single person bivvy bags have the condensation problem and I imagine they solved them by having two layers.


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