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    Info about hanging in NE Florida

    Hi all,
    I plan to hang for the first time tonight or tomorrow in NE Florida. I am in the car and not hiking. Can anyone suggest a good place for a first timer. have a HH Explorer which I set up in the back yard, laid down and fell asleep. Appreciate any info.

    Meeting wife in SC and hope to hang at Hickory Nob State park Sun and Monday-reservations already made--then we are traveling to the Adirondack Mtns to visit family. Soooooo we are also interested in information for hanging in VA, WV and PA

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    That's a tough one...we usually hike to hang. Try Goldhead State Park. It's a nice, quiet, remote old park, and I heard they are hammock friendly. We've stayed there many times, but have not hammocked it yet.

    I've also heard good things about Cary State Forest:
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