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    Finally made a decision (I hope!)

    I am starting to make my future purchases list, and after much studying, I think i have come to the conclusion that I will be getting an HG Incubator over the JRB Washington 3. It is just barely a little bit heavier, but I can get that plus the Burrow both overstuffed for just over the price of JRB's 3-season bundle. I feel like that combo will take me a little colder, for just a miniscule addition in weight. All I have seen are stellar reviews for both companies, so I feel like either choice puts me in good hands. I am also not the hugest fan of the bright green that JRB uses for the outter shell Wish me luck on saving up money! First comes a superfly!

    Oh and if there is anything I should know about either the HG or the JRB please feel free to share!
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