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    Question When do you need a TQ when you have a UQ

    First post . Looking at Jackrbetter "Nest" or Arrowhead "Potomac" for my HH Explorer.

    What kind of top quilt or simple top do I need? Will the UQ meet the cold specs advertised without a top cover of some sort?

    Also looks like with a UQ one needs a larger rainfly.

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    Welcome to HF!

    Everyone that responds will probably mention that "it's different for everyone" (which is totally true) but here is my $.02...

    All of it depends on the type of weather you plan to hang in and your cold/heat tolerance. I know that for me, I need more UQ than TQ and need it sooner than the TQ. I usually want my UQ when the temps dip into the lower 70s and like a TQ when the temps dip into the upper to mid 50s (I have slept comfortably with no TQ with an overnight low of 57*).

    Most of the time you will see recommendations by people for a lower temp rated UQ and I would completely agree. Here in central/south FL I have a 20* UQ that I use almost all of the time and just vent it more when it is warmer. I bought a 40* GoLite TQ last fall and didn't have many chances to actually need it and it was actually too warm for me most of the time. We have winter temps that can dip into the upper 20s and my UQ will get me through those nights and everything on up.

    If you plan on hanging in other places where you'll get some cooler temps then I would recommend a 20* UQ (if you have plenty of money then you can pick up a 40* UQ for Hawaii too) and a 40* TQ. The thing to remember is that when it gets colder you will want to be sure that you are ready for those temps because it gets lonely out there when you are shivering all night. Also, plan for colder temps than predicted. Most of us around here shave 10 degrees off of the predicted low for the night just to be safe. So, for example, if the predicted overnight low is 30 I personally would bring some supplemental UQ insulation to bolster my 20* UQ and I would bring a TQ that will at least go down to 30* and be ready to wear some extra clothing for added warmth.

    Have fun and get out there hanging

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    Like Samsara said it will be mostly an issue to your personal temperature tolerances. Most folks like an UQ when it starts to dip below 70F but some can go a little lower. I personally like to have something for top side insulation in similar temps and on down. In warm weather that might be just a fleece blanket, and move to top quilts as it drops cooler.
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    Another plus 1 for what samsara said.

    70 is about the limit for me on a UQ as well, although I can cheat a bit with a bag liner or clothing if its going to hover around the break point. Here in TX I do feel a little silly carrying a UQ for nighttime temps in the low 70s when the daytime highs are in the mid 90s.


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