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    1/8 Amsteel blue UCRs (Utility Constrictor Rope) bury and eye splice lengths

    I'm using a Eno double nest setup that my kids and I can hang around in.

    I have some extra 1/8" Amsteel that I want to use to make a pair of UCR.

    looking through a number of post but most of them are for 7/64" Amsteel but did find reference to 1/8" needing more bury length for the the main bury. The lengths very from 9" to 16".

    At this point i'm not sure whats an ideal length to make the bury. What are Samsons Rope recommendations for the bury lengths and eye splice using 1/8" Amsteel.
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    You should be safe with 12" if your under 250lbs IMO...The thicker diameter ropes seem to need less bury from my experience. I use a 10" bury on my 7/64" Amsteel UCRs and a 12" bury on my Dynaglide UCRs.


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