So I'm a fairly experienced backpacker, but a complete newb when it comes to hammocking. After lots of research I'm 100% positive I want a BIAS. The problem is that I truly don't know which one to order. I'm the type of guy that I just want a go to item for pretty much everything, so I want one that I know(with a few modifications) will get me through just about any trip. So here is where my thoughts start bouncing all over the place. I'm 6'3" 230lbs right now. Usually hover around 220, but i've been injured. I know the 11 foot length is great, especially for taller guys, but everything I read also says that the wider the more comfy I would be as well. I'm not really worried about weight of the hammock, I can drop ounces elsewhere, but I think the camper xl may be a bit too large. Especially when I throw in the caveat of possibly wanting a double layer just for extra strength and the option to put a pad in there. Not having a lot of money to go towards a UQ I may have to go with the pad option for a bit. To cut to the chase, I guess I just want some advice on an awesome hammock that I can be proud of, get a kick *** nights sleep in, be comfy as a pair of fur lined slippers....but not be overkill. Thanks guys.