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    Any News From the Maroon Bells/Aspen Area?

    With half the country on fire right now, I figure I should ask ahead about the possibility of a hike on the Four Pass Loop being ruined by smoke or closures, since I understand both can be widespread. I'm also curious about current temperature and stream conditions, as it's a bit hard to find info for both lower and higher elevations (8K-12K), day and night. 80 to 20 and fordable-creeks is what I'm preparing for; just curious if things are actually different on the ground

    With luck, the elevation will be the only thing kicking my butt, and not smoke-inhalation or a freak 110deg heat wave

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    I live in Aspen and there is no smoke or haze over here right now. Aspen is around 8,000 ft and its certainly quite hot during the day. Roughly around the 80-degree mark. Nights at this elevation get a little bit cooler, but not overly so - at higher elevations they'll certainly get colder. Not sure about water temps, but from past experience its usually quite cold. Have had a bit of rain lately, so I imagine they're a bit deeper then they were last year when we had very little rain.

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    certainly quite hot during the day. Roughly around the 80-degree mark.
    This would be "quite cool" for many of us in August. I envy you!
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    Being this much closer to the sun, though, you feel yourself frying quite quickly.

    I'm getting my first hammock this week (hopefully tomorrow pending shipping) and am hoping to take it out on a test run this weekend.


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