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    Enlightened Equipment Revelation X 20 degree quilt first impressions

    A little background - I use a Warbonnet Ridgerunner hammock with a Cloudburst tarp. After struggling along trying to use my mummy bag, I decided to get a proper top quilt (or what the ground sleepers just call a quilt) The Enlightened Equipment Revelation X 20 fit the bill perfectly.

    The quilt, in black fabric arrived in 3 business days after ordering. This is really incredibly fast, but there are couple things to keep in mind. I ordered a stock quilt and the custom ones take longer. The other factor is shipping from Winona, MN to Madison, WI does not take that long.

    The quilt is amazingly thick, gotta love high quality down. The features and stitching are all top notch. So far my favorite features are the foot box closure, the mid quilt straps and the top quilt cinch.

    1. The foot box cinches in with 2 line-locked cords, a zipper that extends about 20 inches up the quilt, and a snap. This allows a nice tight sealed foot box. Above the foot box zipper are 3 additional snaps, one at the zipper top, one at 6 inches above, and the last at 12 inches above. This all means a totally enclosed foot box, but has flexibility if you need the quilt to be flat or less enclosed.

    2. The mid quilt attachments. These seem really brilliant for pad sleepers, not so sure how they will work as a hammocker. You can attach webbing here or use elastic straps which would be good to enclose your body and cinch in the sides of the quilt tightly and keep it in place during the night.

    3. The top cinch method is really nice and simple. You use a single snap on the top edges to snap the quilt around your shoulders or neck (depending on how long you and your quilt are) then from inside the quilt you can adjust the draw cord as needed.

    Sizing: I am 6'2" 175 lbs. Ordered the 6'6" quilt in wide. The quilt is plenty long, allows me to pull the top edge up over my forehead if I want. The width is very nice as well, allowing arms at my sides or turning from back to side sleep positions.

    All in all, seems like a great quilt. Will post again when I have a chance to use it in the field.

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    I have 2 of the RevX TQs. Very nice and they keep me toasty
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    I am 18 with 42 years of experience.

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    My wife calls me Linus because I won't go anywhere overnight without my Prodigy X 40F quilt.

    She gets to sleep with the Marmot Hydrogen now.... I'm OK with that. I am not a hotdog....

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    I have the same quilt. So light and so warm. Packs down to nothing. This is the one piece of equipment I would never sell. Works great on the ground with a air pad, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregord View Post
    The quilt, in black fabric arrived in 3 business days after ordering. This is really incredibly fast, but there are couple things to keep in mind. I ordered a stock quilt and the custom ones take longer.
    I just received my EE order in 12 days. I ordered a custom RevoltX 30* UQ and a stock RevelationX 30* TQ to take advantage of the free shipping offer. I love the control over the foot box with the combination of the cinch, zipper, and multiple snaps.
    I'm seriously considering getting a 40* RevelationX for bed because its so comfortable.


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