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    Thumbs up Video: Tranquil Traipse & Hushed Hammocking

    Got out for an overnighter on Thursday ... my wife had all her girlfriends coming over so I bailed. Carelessly tossed gear in the Catalyst and took off for a local State Park.... Afton ....only 30 minutes away.
    On this video I take a vow of silence .... other than a few m-m-m-'s, ahh's and slurps. Quite a departure for me. It was a quiet trip and I was in a quiet mood and wanted to listen to the piney woods speak. I could hear the breeze whisper through the trees. Windy and cold it were out there. Down to around 28 on the bluff. Sometimes I just like to hear the "sound" of gear being used. Know what I mean?
    Here I show my DIY hammock, DIY Dri-Ducks Weathershield and the WarbonnetGuy style of adjustable UnderQuilt with shockcord channels. Great system! I snoozed like Rip Van Winkle in the hammock. In the hammock by 9:00PM and up a couple of times to enjoy the sounds of Coyotes whupping it up in the forest. cool. Wild Turkeys everywhere too.
    Cook a couple of meals with my MiniBullDesign Krazy Cooking Kit. Tested my MBD Waterlight ... a couple of plastic pop bottles and a candle. Water between the layers to keep the plastic from melting. Brighter than my tea candle lantern although a wee bit bulkier. I made it ...I use it.
    'Preciate you watching. Enjoy my quietude ... for once.

    All secure in silent sector seven,
    Tranquil Traipse and Hushed Hammocking

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